Features of facilities

The purpose of your trip varies…
Please select the room that suits the purpose of each trip, and spend a wonderful time at the space for relaxation.

3F Family rooms

Some family guests might be reluctant to stay at a guesthouse… We have Japanese style private tatami rooms. The rooms are equipped with futon (Japanese style bedding) for children who can not sleep on bed.

4F Female only floor and rooms

We have a female only floor because we would like our female guests to have a safe and comfortable time. We also have a female only bathroom with a bathtub which you can use by prior reservation and extra charge. Why don’t you relieve the weariness of your journey by soaking in the buthtub?

5F Male dormitory rooms

Completely shared room of male customers only (dormitory room).
Those who want to enjoy activities and sightseeing as much as you want, and keep accomodation cost as low as possible!! The dormitory rooms are perfect for such travellers.