UMIKAJI – Guest House Naha

A new Guesthouse UMIKAJI will Open Soon !!

Hello, this is “Guest house UMIKAJI”.
This guesthouse will be opened so that everyone who visits Okinawa from all over the world can spend a comfortable time.
Guesthouse UMIKAJI is located only 3-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station.

“Close to Kokusai Dori Street” “New and clean” “Reasonable price”
Please stay at our guesthouse when you travel to Okinawa.

Excellent location in the vicinity of “KOKUSAI DORI street”

It is about a 15-minute ride from Naha Airport Station to Prefectural Office Station by Yui Rail (monorail), and it is a 3-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station to our guesthouse. It is only 5-minute walk from our guesthouse to Kokusai Dori street, which is the liveliest shopping and gourmet street in Okinawa. “Guest house UMIKAJI” will be your convenient base where you can feel attractiveness of Okinawa.

New and clean

Guesthouse UMIKAJI is a newly-built guesthouse.

All toilets are equipped with a bidet function, and all shower rooms are fully private. Everything is just clean.
Female travelers also would love “Guesthouse UMIKAJI” where you can feel at ease.

Reasonable price

The purpose of your trip varies…
Please select the room that suits the purpose of each trip, and spend a wonderful time at the space for relaxation.

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