RYUBO イタリア展


Hello. This is the staff KOTTYAN!


This time, I went to the “Italy Exhibition” held at Ryubo in Kumoji!


I often go to Ryubo events, but not only food but also a lot of bags, necklaces, accessories, etc. are sold, it is bigger than usual events, and the impression that many customers came!

イベントの様子👇 State of the event👇

そして本日の私の収穫はコチラ!👇👇 And here is my harvest today! 👇👇


From left, gelato, meat rolls and assorted sweets!


I only have food …

ちょっと撮影センスがなくて分かりずらいかと思いますが、こうやって異文化に触れあうことは魅力的なものがあります。このイベントは本日(2/23)が最終日ですが、定期的に開催されております。 きっと新しい発見と学べるものがあると思いますので、皆さんも是非一度足を運び、ご自身で見定めてみてください!

I think it’s hard to understand the sense of photography, but it’s tempting to get in touch with other cultures. This event is the last day of today (2/23), but is held regularly. I think you will surely find something new and discoverable, so be sure to come and see for yourself!


Well then, See you tomorrow!